Kiddie Pool Comedy

 After being rejected from all of NYU's sketch comedy groups, 5 complete strangers created Kiddie Pool Comedy. Kiddie Pool Comedy is a sketch comedy group that focuses on video sketch comedy. Starting just a few months ago, we have already written over 30 comedy sketches and are now focusing on production!


Please join us as we attempt to be funny! 

Coming Soon

My Role

When I entered college, I knew I wanted to get involved in sketch comedy. The only issue was that I'm not a performer, I'm a filmmaker. After being the "next best" behind those who were accepted into other comedy groups, I decided to create my own.

Along with two friends, we created Kiddie Pool Comedy. I am currently the producer of the group and  **very occasional**  actor. I can't wait for what we have in store for the future and to share it with our community.


Recent Sketches