Kiddie Pool Comedy

 After being rejected from all of NYU's sketch comedy groups, 5 complete strangers created Kiddie Pool Comedy. Kiddie Pool Comedy is a sketch comedy group that focuses on video sketch comedy. Starting just a few months ago, we have already written over 30 comedy sketches and are now focusing on production!


Please join us as we attempt to be funny! 

My Role

When I entered college, I knew I wanted to get involved in sketch comedy. The only issue was that I'm not a performer, I'm a filmmaker. After being the "next best" behind those who were accepted into other comedy groups, I decided to create my own.

Along with two friends, we created Kiddie Pool Comedy. I am currently the producer of the group and  **very occasional**  actor. I can't wait for what we have in store for the future and to share it with our community.


Recent Sketches

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